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Publicity and Reviews

A sample of local publicity about Audrey:
Audrey started an Art Ministry at the First Baptist Church of Belmont, MA

I had always found watercolor too much of a challenging medium until I took one of Audrey’s classes. Her manner of instruction simplified the art form for me so that within a short time I was able to produce paintings I could be proud of. She is also a fountain of knowledge for the fledgling artist and takes the time to give you personal attention. I highly recommend her classes.
Barbara Lawrence, Waltham

In the past year or so I’ve had the joy of taking two drawing classes and two painting classes with Audrey at the Beech Street Center. Unfortunately, with the closing of the Center because of the pandemic, we can no longer meet in person. Audrey has carried on virtually, however, providing her students with drawing and painting projects, demonstrations, tips and techniques, and advice. Her expertise and encouragement have motivated me to keep painting even if we can’t be in class. I’m looking forward to the day when Audrey’s in-person classes can be held again, but if virtual classes with Audrey are offered this fall, I will definitely be signing up!
Ellen K.
I took a drawing class with Audrey at FBCB in Belmont. I have learned blind contour drawing which is guiding me to train my hand and eye to work together. Practice makes perfect, right! Now, in my day-to-day life, I do try to observe things around me and draw which also helps me to relax! Audrey is a wonderful teacher and I love the class!   Sylvia S., Belmont

Taking Audrey's drawing class has given me a new way to relax.  I now sketch when I take a break at work and discovered that drawing is very relaxing!  Anonymous.

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