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​Poppy’s New Home is a true story about a real puppy that started out living with a sailor at the Boston Navy Yard at the end of World War II. Puppy wonders what will happen to him when he hears that he no longer can live with his sailor. Puppy’s life changes completely when he was given to a civilian who worked at the Navy Yard and brought Puppy to a loving family who lives in the East End of Watertown, Massachusetts. Puppy’s name changed to Poppy.

He was thought to be smarter than any other dog in the neighborhood. His intelligence and bravery often surprised his family members and got him in trouble a couple of times. He preferred to wander outside on his own and hated his leash. 

He liked to be an adventurer and sometimes acted like a private investigator. Poppy’s New Home is a compilation of vignettes about Poppy’s experiences.   $15.00 plus shipping.  To order a copy, please contact Audrey Jones Childs.

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